This page is basically the list of pieces I’m intending to write.  Near the top is fairly certain, but moving down things become much less definite.

Definitely going to happen


Trumpet concerto

  • Scheduled: to be written once work on Imagist songs is complete
  • Instrumentation: Solo trumpet with orchestra
  • For: Gabriel Scott

The basic idea is a one-movement work inspired by Franz Schmidt’s fourth symphony.  However, I’m still trying to decide between a large, oddly shaped orchestra as per my viola concerto, or a smaller, more classical orchestra.

Second viola sonata

  • Scheduled: after the Trumpet concerto
  • Instrumentation: viola and piano
  • For: Ann Holloway

I thought it would be nice to do a new viola sonata in my mature style.  This is something I’ve been brooding over for some time.


Fairly likely to happen, but not sure when


The dark tower

  • Form: opera
  • Text: The dark tower by Louis MacNeice

I have some musical ideas, and it being a radio play means that it’s very swift moving, which is nice.


At the ‘interesting idea’ stage


The numbered

  • Form: opera
  • Text: The numbered by Elias Canetti
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