Wind quartet

  • Instrumentation: Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon
  • Written: 2004
  • Audio

An unusual combination.  Some trouble went into this, with a number of rewrites to the second movement, but I decided eventually that I preferred the original version.  This was my return to composition after a hiatus of about a decade, so don’t be surprised at the change in style compared with earlier pieces: this is where I finally made the break with tonality.


  • Instrumentation: Bassoon, string quartet
  • Written: 2010
  • Audio

Another unusual combination.  This piece is atypical in that though it is totally atonal, the harmony is quasi-tonal, in that the chords are largely derived from triads.

TrombonesAequale for five trombones

  • Instrumentation: five trombones (alto, tenor, tenor, bass, bass)
  • Written: 2011
  • Dedicated to: Lindsay Bramley
  • Score and audio (viewing / listening free; score available for purchase at $9.95)

Three short, slow and reflective pieces for trombone choir, encompassed by a chorale which occurs as prelude and postlude.  The first and third pieces are fugal in structure, while the second is more free.  The piece moves from outright tragedy in the first Aequale to a tantalising hint of radiance and resolution near the end of the third that falls away into mystery as the piece comes to a close.

I should also point out that there is an ‘Enigma Variations’ principle at work here, in that all the thematic material (the individual Aequale are monothematic) derives from a well-known melody.

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