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Relaunch is here!

11 October, 2011 Leave a comment

You must remember this

Yes, this is relaunch time.  The old music store died a month or so ago, when Sibelius pulled the plug on their stores.  Which isn’t entirely bad, as it was pretty nasty looking.  So there is now a new store, based at, and all the scores that used to be available at the old score are available there, and all the links on this site have been updated.  The site is a bit buggy, but it seems to work.

So, the important bit is the link.  So:

More stuff

And, just to let you know, the trumpet concerto is growing in all kinds of alarming ways.  It now looks as if it’ll be about twenty minutes long, and it is a bit of a breakthrough piece for me, in terms of rhythmic, contrapuntal, textural and formal complexity.  So that’s one to look forward to – I’ll keep you posted.