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The Trumpet Concerto is begun!

Yes, I have started work on the trumpet concerto.  Last night the shape of the orchestra clicked and a couple of bars, which quickly became the ending, entered my head.  And I’ve just been writing them down, letting them evolve as I wrapped the orchestra around them, and it’s really looking interesting.  Just not what I had anticipated.

What do I mean by that?  Well, let’s start off by looking at the orchestra.  I was full of words about post-Schubertian economy of means.  Well, here it is:

  • Three flutes, alto flute
  • Oboe, cor anglais
  • Two bass clarinets
  • Bassoon, contrabassoon
  • Four horns
  • Four trombones (two tenor, two bass)
  • Contrabass tuba
  • Untuned percussion (side drum, tenor drum, two bass drums, five tom-toms, tam-tam, cymbals)
  • Tuned percussion (crotales, glockenspiel, two xylophones, marimba, vibraphone)
  • Timpani
  • Violins (four groups)
  • Violas (two groups)
  • Cellos (two groups)
  • Bass

So, it’s a bit bigger than I had expected, but it just seemed to happen that way.

So, all the talk about a quiet, meditative piece inspired by Schmidt’s fourth symphony seem to have gone out of the window, to be replaced with more violent madness of the kind one might expect of me.

So here it is, the excerpt: Trumpet Concerto fragment

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